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Monday, March 19, 2012

Random 'Rumis!!

Just to shake off some of the's some of the other 'Rumis I've made~! =)
Sorry, no patterns, but they're all the basic body pattern from Sayjai so they shouldn't be very hard to figure out if you really want one xP (body pattern link:

From Avatar: The Last Airbender

~:*Sesshoumaru and Rin*:~
From Inuyasha
Note: Rin's body pattern is obviously not the same, but it's easy to improvise. It might be possible to take Sayjai's body pattern and simply half the numbers.

From Deathnote
Note: His shirt was made with very thin white yarn, which is why his arms look a little weird. xD Use regular white yarn and you'll be good to go~! (I'd suggest making his shirt longer too, by crocheting more rows on the "backloops" Round)

.:~*Ichigo Kurosaki and Hichigo*~:.
From Bleach
Lost my original photo (R.I.P. Windows Vista...) so I took the one from my deviantart, which is why there's a watermark. xP

.:~* Kiba Inuzuka and Neji Hyuuga*~:.
From Naruto

.:~*Gaara Amigurumi*~:.
From Naruto

.:~*Kagome Amigurumi*~:.
From Inuyasha

.:~*Akamaru Amigurumi*~:.
From Naruto

This is actually my own personal pattern. I want to add some more detail to him (i.e. the paws) before I post the pattern. =)


  1. I really love all of them!
    Could you share Akamaru´s pattern?
    Thank you ^^

    1. Sure!! =D
      I'll add him onto my list of patterns to post!
      Stay tuned! =)