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Thursday, December 22, 2011

~Auron Amigurumi~

A Final Fantasy 10 'Rumi has appeared~!! =)


The body pattern for this amigurumi comes from one of their patterns (the adorable Pink Little Lady)
and they have kindly posted the original body pattern on their blog to use with these doll designs. =) Thank you again!!

Order of Importance:
*Check Color Chart
*Legs and Rnds 1-18
*Eyes (Shades) and eyebrows
*Finish Head
*First arm (kept inside kimono)
*Other arm (free one)
*Shoulder guard
*Belts on collar
*Sew collar so that it's close enough to not see mouth or nose
*Sword (optional)

Body Pattern:

Color Chart:
-Legs: Rnds 1-5: Black
Rnds 6-8: Dark Grey
-Body: Rnds 1-10: Dark Grey
11-23: Skin
-Eyes (Shades): Black
-Arms: Skin
-Kimono: Dark Red (lost name for the one I used) and Navy Blue
-Belt: White and Light Blue
-Belt, Shoulder Guard, and Collar Belts: Brown
-Shoulder Guard Designs: Bright Orange ( the real color is supposed to be yellow but I was out and it won't make a drastic difference)
-Hair: Black and Light Grey
-Sword: White and Silver

~Creating Auron~

Auron is very time consuming so be warned....

Eyes (2):
Mark your spots with a washable marker. This helps very much in getting his shades just right.
As you can see, I put mine a little lop-sided haha, but it gave him a nice pose in the end. =)
Stop at Rnd 18 
We rarely see his eyes so there's no point in making them unless you just absolutely have to.
Ch 2 and leave long tail
sc 8 then sc tail (treat tail as regular working yarn). You have 9 sc now
sc around then sl st into first.
Frames: w/black ch 5
attach to one shade just above where you finished off
sc 5 
ch 3
attach to other shade above tail
sc 5
ch 5
Sew to head

Take some black yarn and attach them in his usual "angry", slanted style.

W/skin color ch 6
hdc 3, sc 2, then sl st.
 F/O and attach to the head on the row below the eyelid line.
 I put them about 3 ch rows from each eye. Attach the ears on both sides.
Put them right under the shade frames.

w/dark grey
sc backloops of Rnd 10 (where skin color starts)
*sc 1, then 2 sc in next* around
sc around
*Sc 2, 2 sc in next*
sc around, sl st in next

~Finish crocheting the head now~

Crochet one arm and attach it to the body sideways.
This is the one he always keeps above the belt.

w/dark red
ch 26
Dc 8 rows 
(Mine is 7 rows but I found that I really needed 8 to work easily)
Attach Navy Blue and sc up both ends. Don't Sc around the whole thing.

ch 40
sc across
Attach Light Blue
sc across
Attach white again
sc across

Wrap Auron in his kimono and tie the belt around him as tight as you can.
You want to make sure the belt will hold the kimono in place no matter what.
(Note: the shoulder guard in the pic is NOT supposed to be there yet. It was a test run.)

Buckle: w/ Brown ch 6
sc 3 rows across
F/O and add to front

Attach Kimono w/ red yarn at top around collar

Crochet other arm and attach to kimono.

Sleeves (2):
w/dark red
ch 14
Dc 5 rows
 Add both  and angle the one without an arm so that it looks like it's just hanging there.

Shoulder Guard:
Ch 2
sc 7 and sc tail
*1 sc, 2sc in next*
*sc 2, 2 sc in next*
Sl St
w/ bright orange, randomly sew on strands to look like his pattern.
The design doesn't go farther than the rim of the guard so don't let it hit the center.
Fun Idea: Sew on your name here~!! =) 
Attach to robe above the limp sleeve.

 Collar Belts:
Long one: ch 50 and sew on
this one goes almost completely around but not all the way
Short one: ch 30
Goes right in the middle a row or two below long one
Vertical one: ch 5
Goes right down the middle of both.

Note: The long belt goes on top and the short one goes below it. On mine, I accidentally sewed them on backwards (while sitting there looking at the picture the whole time @.@)
So don't go by my picture on this one! xD

(Finally, right?)
Get your hand dandy washable marker and mark his hairline.
He has 3 noticeable grey spots. (peak, and one on either side of head)
When doing the hairline, make sure that the line is all black except for the peak, which should be grey.
Put the other two grey spots behind the first row of black.

Pat his Hair back and cut it short.
The grey peak partially falls down so take a few strands and make that effect.

W/ Grey: ch 28
sc across
W/ white: 
tc (treble crochet) 10 times, dc 10, 5 hdc, 3 sc, ch 1

~And Finally, Auron's Done!!~
Sorry, Don't have a lot of pics for this one!! 

I hope you enjoy him and thanks for visiting~! =) Please do not repost this pattern or Sayjai's pattern without permission.  This pattern is for free use and not to be sold anywhere

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