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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~Ponyo Amigurumi~

Ponyo, ponyo~ ponyo ponyo~! Made as a Christmas present for a friend (because they went nuts over the movie and kept begging me to play it over and over and over....) but now you can have this cute little mermaid-'Rumi for Christmas, too! =)

The body pattern for this amigurumi comes from one of their patterns (the adorable Pink Little Lady)
and they have kindly posted the original body pattern on their blog to use with these doll designs. =) Thank you again!!

Order of Importance:
* Check Color Chart
*Crochet Legs and Rnds 1-18
*Add Eyes, eyebrows, and mouth
*Finish head
*Crochet her bloomers and dress
*Add arms and sleeves
*Add hair

Body Pattern:

Color Chart:
-Legs: Skin Color
-Rnds 1-3: Skin Color
-Rnds 5-10: Medium Pink
-Rnds 11-23: Skin Color
-Arms: Skin Color
-Sleeves: Medium Pink
-Hair: Orange

~Creating Ponyo~

Eyes (2):
Start at Rnd 18 for her eyes
Hint: Use a washable marker to mark where to place eyes and mouth
ch 2 and leave a long tail
sc 7 and sc tail (take the tail and treat it like regular working yarn) into 2 ch from hook
ch 2 w/long tail
sc 6 and then sc tail 
Note: Sc tail closes the center hole so that it looks perfectly round. You may use another preferred technique if you wish as long as it gets the job done. This one works pretty good for me.

 Hers go in an oval shape, so take a long black yarn strand and create that shape over her eye.
 Tie one end firmly (but don’t pull it out of shape!) inside the head so that it doesn't fall out of place. 
I tied the left corner. 
Now, you need a small string to tie the top to maintain the oval. You can use thin black string OR if you’re one of those people who a) doesn’t have black string at the moment b) it’s MIA or c) will creatively think of every possible solution to your problem so that you don’t have to move from your warm spot, then have no fear.
 Just cut a short piece of black yarn and pull it apart. Pull it until you have the thinnest strand and use that.
 The trick is to tie the string over the yarn through the same hole so that it won’t show

W/Pale orange:
Cut a strand of yarn and place it over her eye, somewhat in an oval, too.

w/Skin Color
ch 7
sc, hdc, dc,dc, hdc, sc
I usually attach the ears 3 rows back from each eye.

(that's what I call them anyway)
Attach white yarn to the row just below Rnd 5 (where you worked the pink backloops)
dc around
when you're back to where you started, connect the bloomers through the legs so that it makes a diaper effect.

W/ medium pink, ch 11
sc across 
sew on around the arms

Ponyo's hair is curly and messy, which makes this pretty easy.
Attach her hair and cut it short enough to stick out randomly
Keep her hair short in the back.
Note: She has bangs that swoop to the right side of her face so be sure to add those as well.

~Ponyo is finished!!~

 I hope you enjoy him and thanks for visiting~! =) Please do not repost this pattern or Sayjai's pattern without permission.  This pattern is for free use and not to be sold anywhere

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